Can I Break My Water With A Toothbrush

If you are overdue for your labor process, you must be getting stressed and anxious right now. Aren’t you? Childbirth is a natural occurrence; however, a little delay can make a woman go panic around, and it is very obvious.

Some of them become so tensed that they think of inducing artificial methods to break their water. However, are these methods safe and sound or just another old wives’ tales? Especially is the idea of using a Toothbrush to break water safe and effective?

Well, right before the time of natural delivery, the water bag of the pregnant woman breaks, and she starts to experience labor pain. But when the water bag doesn’t break at the estimated time, there are rumors of using a Toothbrush to artificially do that.

This article revolves around the unconventional method of using a toothbrush to break a water bag. In addition, we will also focus on the of water breaking and why it may need to be artificially induced. Additionally, stick till the end to learn about the potential risks and complications in case of breaking water artificially, especially with a toothbrush.

Whether you are an expectant mother or someone who is simply curious, here are all the insights and information you may need to know. So, let’s get started. 

Note: This is a general info article and shouldn’t be be treated as a medical advise.

How does the Water Bag Breaks? Amniotic Sac

A water Bag, which is also known as Amniotic Sac, is a layer of Fluid that surrounds and protects the developing fetus inside a pregnant woman’s belly.

This Amniotic Fluid cushions the fetus while it continues to grow for 9 long months. Later as the time of natural delivery comes close, the Water Bag breaks during or sometime before the Labor.

Water bag break either naturally or the medical staff artificially rupture them. As the water breaks, it is a sign that Labor pain is underway or about to start. 

As the Water bag, aka Amniotic Sac, breaks, the Fluid inside leaks out through the vag. It can be a sudden gush or a slow trickly, and the women can feel it quite evidently. Not inducing Labor once the water bag breaks can be risky for the unborn. 

As mentioned above, the medical or healthcare staff artificially rupture the water bag if it doesn’t break spontaneously. However, there are rumors around the internet that one can break water badly with a toothbrush. So is it possible? And even if it is, breaking a water bag with a toothbrush is safe? Come, let’s shed some light on it. 

Is It Safe To Break a Water Bag/ Amniotic Sac with a Toothbrush?

When the water bag doesn’t break spontaneously during Labor, the medical staff performs an Artificial Rupture of Membranes (ARM) and breaks the Amniotic Sac artificially. They use a sterile instrument with a small hook for this process. ARM is performed in a controlled and sterile environment, and the medical staff takes all measures to avoid the risk of injury and infections.

However, it is not at all safe to break the water bag, aka Amniotic Sac, with a toothbrush or any other similar object. Attempting to break your own water bag (or someone else) until you aren’t a medical expert can prove extremely dangerous.

By doing so, you may end up risking both the unborn and the mother with infection and injury, and it may even end up being fatal. Not even a healthcare provider will ever use a Toothbrush or any other regular object to induce ARM. 

Risks of breaking Water Bag/ Amniotic Sac with a Toothbrush

Attempting to break Water Bag/ Amniotic Sac with a Toothbrush isn’t advisable since it includes a lot of risks. For instance:

  1. Breaking the Amniotic Sac artificially with a toothbrush or any unsterilized object increases the risk of infection in both women and the unborn. It can induce bacteria formation in the female privates. 
  2. Attempting artificial rupturing of the Amniotic Sac with a toothbrush, especially without any knowledge of the job, can lead to injury. It may tear the Vag tissue, harm the baby’s head or legs (depending upon the unborn’s position) and damage the cervix as well. 
  3. Breaking the Amniotic Sac artificially with a toothbrush may cause premature Labor. If it is too early, the chances of complications for the unborn and the mother are too high. 
  4. In the worst-case scenario, breaking the Amniotic Sac artificially with a toothbrush can lead to cord prolapse. As the head is engaged in the pelvis, breaking the water bag artificially can lead the umbilical cord to slip out of the uterus. It can become compressed soon enough and cut off the baby’s oxygen supply. The situation can become fatal in no time. 

Breaking the water bag artificially with any object, including Toothpaste, needs medical intervention. Only a healthcare provider can attempt this job. 

Breaking Water Bag- The Natural Way

Breaking a water bag at home by any means is not advisable, and it can prove extremely dangerous. Water bag breaking is a natural and spontaneous process, and we must leave it to happen. However, if not, the healthcare providers will assist you will some safety procedures. 

But instead of Artificial Rupture of Membranes (ARM), healthcare provides some suggest natural methods to induce Labor. Here are a few of them. Have a look:

  1. As per medical experts, exercising such as walking and yoga helps women prepare for Labor naturally. However, it is advised to indulge in gentle exercise practices only and avoid anything heavy and intense. 
  2. Massing breast nipples, too, can help with natural Labor. As you massage your nipples, it releases Oxytocin hormone that is known to bring on contractions. 
  3. Techniques like acupressure and acupuncture on specific body parts too may help trigger contractions. However, until you aren’t an expert, avoid trying any of these.
  4. According to some rumors, sexual activity releases prostaglandins which soften the cervix and induce Labor. However, until your gynecologist hasn’t recommended it, avoid taking the risk. 
  5. Lastly, taking Castor oil with a warm glass of milk too may stimulate contractions. 

Despite how natural or safe the above methods may sound, never try them before discussing them with your gynecologist. Even if they have proven effective for someone you know, they may prove dangerous in your case thus, do take expert opinion before risking your and your unborn’s life. 

Wrapping up…

Overall, if you or someone around you to is thinking of breaking the water bag during pregnancy with a toothbrush, then bring down that thought right away.

A toothbrush or any other unsterilized object without any expert intervention can leave pregnant women with infection and injury.

Let the natural process water bag breaking occur or leave the task of artificial rupturing on your healthcare provider during delivery. 

Before you try anything new or conflict during your pregnancy, talk to your gynecologist first. 

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