How To Remove Skin Tags With Toothpaste

Skin Tags make a lot of people uncomfortable and underconfident. If you have unwanted Skin Tags, you can remove them via surgical options like Cryosurgery. Or, if you want a simpler solution, remove your Skin Tags at home using Toothpaste.

Multiple home remedies help in removing Skin Tags at home. Use an over-the-counter drug, garlic, apple cider vinegar, or for the easiest, Toothpaste.

However, Is Toothpaste really effective in removing Skin Tags? Is using Toothpaste on Skin Tags safe? Scroll down the article and understand the effectiveness and harms of using Toothpaste for removing Skin Tags.

Using Toothpaste For Removing Skin Tags At Home

Toothpaste is a dental care product, but people have been been using it for all kinds o for years DIYs.

Skin Tags are soft noncancerous lesions that often grow on the neck, underarms, groin area, etc. A Skin Tag is basically a combination of blood vessels, collagen fibers, nerve cells, fat, and skin cells.

Removing Skin Tags using Toothpaste has been an age-old practice. People swear by Toothpaste for removing Skin Tags since it has Hydrogen Peroxide, which could dry out Skin tags and make them fall. The idea works for many people and has also shown a positive impact. However, according to dermatologists and skin experts, using Toothpaste for removing Skin Tags isn’t the best idea.

How To Remove Skin Tags With Toothpaste

Risks Of Removing Skin Tags Using Toothpaste

Removing skin tags at home can prove a nightmare if not handled well. Despite how small they are, skin tags should always be diagnosed by a doctor before removing them. Not all, but some Skin Tags can be cancerous (in growth), and messing with them can prove dangerous.

Toiletries like Toothpaste contain Hydrogen Peroxide, which, when applied to Skin Tags, will dry them out. However, in some cases, excessive use of Toothpaste on your skin can lead to adverse reactions. Instead of removing Skin Tags, Toothpaste can cause dryness, redness, and wrinkles.

For some people, removing Skin Tags using Toothpaste can help that, too, without any adverse effect. However, it isn’t the case with everyone. Skin Tags that are around the neck or under the arms are still easy to remove. But the ones that are on or near joints can affect the mobility of the individual if removed improperly. The risk of removing a Skin Tag using Toothpaste can be small or big, depending upon an individual to individual.

According to studies at the American Academy of Dermatology, one should always treat their Skin Tag under medical supervision. A dermatologist or other concerned medical professional will check whether the Skin Tag is cancerous or not. If it isn’t, the Tag can be removed by a simple Cryosurgery. However, if it is, then the individual needs advance treatment concerning the root cause.

Risks Of Removing Skin Tags At Home (Without Medical Supervision)

  1. Skin Tags are connected to your skin via Blood Vessels. If not removed rightfully, you can end up with excessive bleeding.
  2. Some Skin Tags can grow cancerous, and therefore a doctor needs to diagnose them. Even when you are getting your Skin Tag removed by a professional, a diagnosis is extremely important. Removing a cancerous Skin Tag without being mindful can prove extremely dangerous.
  3. Removing a Skin Tag is one precarious process. Doing it using Toothpaste or other pantry items can lead to complications.
  4. Improper Skin Tag removal can end up with a scar.
  5. Skin Tag removal at home can also lead to a skin infection if the process isn’t followed rightfully.
  6. Some Skin Tags require antibiotics, and treating them with products like Toothpaste, Apple Cider Vinegar, etc., can invite bigger risks.

Other Popular DIYs And Home Remedies For Removing Skin Tags


Applying a thin paste of 1 to 3 fresh garlic can make the Skin Tag fall off. For some people, it might take 2 to 3 applications before the Skin Tags falls softly.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Since Apple Cider Vinegar is acidic, it can help in shedding Skin Tags. Simply take a cotton ball, pour in some Apple Cider Vinegar, and apply it over your Skin Tag. Stick the soaked cotton over the Tag for a couple of hours. Once you remove the Tag after a few hours, the Skin Tag will probably fall off.

Baking Soda

Another very common kitchen supply that comes in handy for a lot of home remedies is Baking Soda. Take half a teaspoon of Baking Soda, mix it with 4 to 5 drops of Castor Oil, and form a smooth paste. Now apply this paste over the Skin Tag and allow it to soak for a few hours. Later wash it off with lukewarm water. It might take a few repetitions (different days) before the Skin Tag falls off completely.

Baking Soda basically alters the skin’s pH. It troubles the growth of skin tags-causing bacteria, and that’s how it has effective results.

Manuka Honey

The antibacterial properties and non-peroxide nature of Manuka Honey have gained immense popularity. Take a cotton ball, apply a few drops of Manuka Honey, and place it over the Skin Tag. Let it settle for a few hours or overnight before you remove the cotton. Manuka Honey will probably restrict the oxygen supply to the area and make the Skin Tag fall off.

Caution: Before using any home remedies on your Skin Tag, make sure you consult a specialist. Most of the home remedies dry out skin tags and thus aid them in falling down. Home remedies are perhaps safe; however, your Skin Tag sometimes can be tough or cancerous and treating it can prove risky.

Bottom Line

Toothpaste has effectively removed Skin Tags for many; however, there’s no medical backup to this remedy. By now, no evidence suggests whether Toothpaste is safe or not for use on Skin Tags.

Most of the time, it isn’t necessary to remove a Skin Tag. However, if they are bothering you, go for laser therapy or cryotherapy. In addition, medical-grade blades too help in removing Skin Tags without any pain. However, any such procedure must only be done after the doctor’s recommendation.

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